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KBC Networks logoKBC Networks manufactures IP, fibre optic and wireless transmission products for commercial and industrial networks. Its industrial-grade units feature extended operating temperatures and hardened casings making them ideal for security & surveillance networks, access control systems, transport networks and industrial control systems.


IP products:

  • Media converters: 10/100 & Gigabit with PoE & non-PoE versions plus an SFP unit
  • Ethernet switches: managed and un-managed, PoE & non PoE from 5-24 ports
  • SFPs / Mini GBIC modules
  • ThruLink – a secure, hardware VPN that allows secure video, voice & data transmission to be transmitted over public networks such as the internet and 3G/4G/LTE
  • Encoders & decoders
  • Ethernet-to-coax line drivers

Wireless products:

KBC’s wireless products operate in the licence-free, 5GHz band. Units come in hardened casings and can be supplied pre-configured at no extra cost. For throughputs of up to 99Mbps choose the WESII and WES3 ranges and for 230Mbps+ choose WES2HT.

  • Point-to-point – 5GHz, up to 230Mbps
  • Point-to-multipoint – 5GHz, up to 230Mbps
  • Dual redundant ring mesh – 5GHz, up to 230Mbps

Fibre optic products:

KBC’s fibre optic products are available in wall-mount, compact, 19″ rack-mount and card & chassis configurations for multimode and singlemode fibre. For simple, point-to-point networks, KBC has the Digital Standard range. For anything more complicated choose ASFOM. ASFOM supports a wide range of signals and allows you to specify the mix and quantity of channels within one unit. Please contact us when specifying ASFOM products.

  • Digital Standard range – video, data & contact closure for point-to-point configurations
  • ASFOM – multi-channel, mixed units that you specify – video, audio, data, contact closure, telephone, point-to-point, bus & redundant ring configurations


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