ComNet SFP Transceivers / Mini GBIC Modules

ComNet SFP Transceivers / Mini GBIC Modules

Product Code: CN-SFP


ComNet produces an incredibly wide range of Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) modules to add flexibility to their Ethernet switch and media converter ranges by allowing a  port to be configured for copper or fibre. These interchangeable SFP modules are available for use with copper media, multimode optical fibre, or singlemode optical fibre. The optical fibre SFP modules are available in Fast Ethernet in one and two fibre versions, and Gigabit Ethernet in one and two fibre versions. They are also available with LC or SC optical connectors. The ComNet SFP modules offer different wavelengths and optical power budgets to allow transmission distances from 300m to 120km to be achieved.

These SFP modules are industrially rated to perform in the most difficult operating environments. A ComNet SFP interface is required for use with all ComNet SFP configurable products to qualify for the ComNet Lifetime Warranty

ComNet SFPs:

  1. MSA compliant
  2. Copper, singlemode & multimode fibredevices
  3. Transmission distances from 300m to 120km
  4. LC and SC fibre devices


Please refer to the numbers in brackets in the description column

  1. For use with CNGE4US, CNGE8US & CNGE2FE4SMS[POE][HO] Series. Please contact us if you plan to use this item in ComNet managed switches
  2. For Use With CNFE4US & CNFE8US Series.  Please contact us if you plan to use this item in ComNet managed switches
  3. Insert wavelength as required for the CWDMI-SFP-80-xxLC devices
  4. These devices are optically compatible with Cisco SFP modules. They do not support being plugged directly into Cisco hardware. Supports DDI/DDM function
  5. Use with CN-SFP-BXD
  6. Use with CN-SFP-BXU
Product CodeDescriptionCable TypeNo.Connector TypeWavelengthMax. Distance
CN-SFP-110/100/1000Mbps SFP (1)CopperRJ45-
CN-SFP-1A10/100Mbps SFP (2) CopperRJ45-
CN-SFP-2100FX SFPMultimode fibre2LC1310nm2km
CN-SFP-3100FX SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1310nm20km
CN-SFP-4100FX SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1310nm40km
CN-SFP-5100FX SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1550nm80km
CN-SFP-61000FX SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1310nm15km
CN-SFP-71000FX SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1310nm40km
CN-SFP-81000FX SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1550nm70km
CN-SFP-91000FX SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1550nm120km
CN-SFP-10A100FX SFPSinglemode fibre1LC1310nm20km
CN-SFP-10B100FX SFPSinglemode fibre1LC1550nm20km
CN-SFP-12A1000FX SFPSinglemode fibre1LC1310nm20km
CN-SFP-12B1000FX SFPSinglemode fibre1LC1550nm20km
CN-SFP-14A1000FX SFPSinglemode fibre1SC1310nm20km
CN-SFP-14B1000FX SFPSinglemode fibre1SC1550nm20km
CN-SFP-161000FX SFPMultimode fibre2LC850nm550m
CN-SFP-18A1000FX SFPSinglemode fibre1LC1310nm60km
CN-SFP-18B1000FX SFPSinglemode fibre1LC1550nm60km
CN-SFP-20A100FX SFPSinglemode fibre1LC1310nm60km
CN-SFP-20B100FX SFPSinglemode fibre1LC1550nm60km
CN-SFP-22A1000FX SFPSinglemode fibre1SC1310nm60km
CN-SFP-22B1000FX SFPSinglemode fibre1SC1550nm60km
CN-SFP-24A100FX SFPSinglemode fibre1SC1310nm60km
CN-SFP-24B100FX SFPSinglemode fibre1SC1550nm60km
CN-SFP-26A100FX SFPMultimode fibre1SC1310nm2km
CN-SFP-26B100FX SFPMultimode fibre1SC1550nm2km
CN-SFP-271000FX CWDM SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1310nm40km
CN-SFP-281000FX CWDM SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1510nm40km
CN-SFP-291000FX CWDM SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1530nm40km
CN-SFP-301000FX CWDM SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1550nm40km
CN-SFP-311000FX CWDM SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1570nm40km
CN-SFP-321000FX CWDM SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1590nm40km
CN-SFP-331000FX CWDM SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1610nm40km
CN-SFP-341000FX CWDM SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1470nm40km
CN-SFP-351000FX CWDM SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1490nm40km
CN-SFP-36A100FX SFPSinglemode fibre1SC1310nm20km
CN-SFP-36B100FX SFPSinglemode fibre1SC1550nm20km
CN-SFP-381000FX CWDM SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1290nm40km
CN-SFP-401000FX CWDM SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1330nm40km
CN-SFP-411000FX CWDM SFPSinglemode fibre2LC1350nm40km
CN-SFP-461000FX SFPMultimode fibre2LC1310nm2km
CN-CWDMI-SFP-80-xxLC 1000FX CWDM SFP (3)Singlemode fibre2LCSee note 380km
CN-SFP-SX1000FX SFP (4)Multimode fibre2LC850nm275m
CN-SFP-LX/LH1000FX SFP (4)Multimode / Singlemode fibre2LC1310nm550m (mm) / 10km (sm)
CN-SFP-ZX1000FX SFP (4)Singlemode fibre2LC1550nm70km
CN-SFP-BXU1000FX SFP (5)Singlemode fibre1LC1310nm10km
CN-SFP-BXD1000FX SFP (6)Singlemode fibre1LC1490nm10km

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