ComNet: NetWave® Coax Cables For External Antennas

ComNet: NetWave® Coax Cables For External Antennas

Product Code: CN-PATCH-COAX*

ComNet supply two CN-PATCH_COAX195_1.2M_M-M coax cables with each NetWave unit as standard, however, we also stock a range of other coax cables for NetWave external antennas.

The cables are black, single shield and have N-Type male to N-Type male connectors.

If you don’t find what you need in the following table, please get in touch via the quote form below.

Product CodeCoax Cable TypeCable Length
CN-PATCH_COAX195_1.2M_M-M 1951.2m
CN-PATCH_COAX195_3M_M-M 1953m
CN-PATCH_COAX195_6M_M-M 1956m
CN-PATCH_COAX400_1.5M_M-M 4001.5m
CN-PATCH_COAX400_3M_M-M 4003m
CN-PATCH_COAX400_7.5M_M-M 4007.5m

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