KBC WES3: Wireless Ethernet, Client, Host / MP Host, PoE, Up to 99Mbps, 5dBi/17dBi

KBC WES3: Wireless Ethernet, Client, Host / MP Host, PoE, Up to 99Mbps, 5dBi/17dBi

Brand: KBC Networks
Product Code: KB-WES3-AX-XG


WES3 wireless units operate in the licence-free, 5GHz band. These units have programmable firmware that allows you to select between client, single-point host or multipoint host configurations. It comes with either a 17dBi patch antenna or a 5dBi omni-directional antenna. WES3 is IEEE802.11a/n compliant and will support up to 99Mbps throughput. It is ETSI DFS and TPC compliant. This unit is the IEEE802.3af compliant version. For applications where PoE is not available, there is a non PoE version with a power injection module. All WES3 units ship with a universal wall/ pole mount.

WES3 provides connectivity for a wide range of Ethernet devices such as megapixel / HD cameras, DVRs, encoders / decoders and web servers and uses a secure encryption method to prevent unauthorised access to the system.

Product Options:

Antenna: 17dBi patch/5dBi omni-directional
Power: IEEE802.3af powered or powered by PIM/PSU – please click here for the PIM version

We provide a free setup service with this product. If you would like us to, we can pre-programme the units before we ship them to make sure they are set up with the correct configuration AND will pair automatically.

  • Configurable for client / singlepoint host / multipoint host
  • IEEE802.11a/n compliant
  • Passive midspan compliant PoE support / IEEE802.3af compliant
  • Range of antenna options
  • Up to 23dBm output power
  • Transmission Power Control
  • Distance adjustment for long range transmission
  • Secure transmission: WPA2 – AES or TKIP encryption
  • IP66 protection class
  • Antenna alignment & site signal survey tools

Why we like WES3: This is a robust unit and you only need one unit for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mixed configurations.

Wireless throughput always depends on the transmission environment. If you need help or advice, please ask.
Product CodeDescriptionAntenna Type
KB-WES3-AX-AGWES3 with power injection module, PoE version + EMEA Firmware5dBi Omni-directional
KB-WES3-AX-CGWES3 with power injection module, PoE version + EMEA Firmware17dBi Directional

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