Siklu: EtherHaul 1200 Series

Siklu: EtherHaul 1200 Series

Brand: Siklu
Product Code: SI-EH-1200


The EtherHaul 1200 E-Band radio delivers interference free, predictable Gigabit  wireless throughput over 70/80GHz. The unit includes a unique selection of both FDD and TDD duplexing, and multiple antenna options to cover any distance/availability scenario.

  • Deploy dense and scalable networks anywhere. The wide 70/80GHz band, pencil width beams and 32x non-overlapping, user-selectable channels yield the industry’s highest spectrum re-use factor
  • Lightly licensed E-band – fast & low-cost registration, with the benefit of regulator protection
  • Unique optional TDD models enables asymmetric capacity configuration and improves spectrum efficiency
  • Small form factor, all-outdoor system
  • 3 antenna options for street-level deployment and varying distance & availability requirements.
  • Zero touch installation & simple commissioning with  integrated TCP/UDP capacity tester
  • MEF-compliant Ethernet OAM and CFM (IEEE 802.1ag / ITU-T Y.1731 / IEEE 802.3ah)
  • Optional integrated timing over packet 1588v2 & SyncE with SSM schemes for reliable, accurate synchronisation.
  • Prioritised payloads using hitless adaptive modulation synced with 8 levels of QoS
  • Sub mSec latency supports extended cascading with low delays, and reduces the need for aggregation points.
  • Integrated GbE switch with PoE-In and PoE-Out
  • Multi-step capacity licenses for scalable and competitive rollouts and expansions

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