Siklu: EtherHaul 2500FX

Siklu: EtherHaul 2500FX

Brand: Siklu
Product Code: SI-EH-2500FX



The Siklu EH-2500FX 70/80GHz High-Range E-Band radio provides 2Gbps capacity with extended reach for accelerating broadband connections even in rural locations. It is designed for tower and roof-top deployment.

The expanded reach E-Band radio creates fibre-like wireless solutions with fewer units, lower energy, and lower associated fees.

  • 2 Gigabit full-duplex, FDD
  • Extended reach
  • Interference-free band facilitates fast frequency planning, while ensuring carrier-grade predicted performance
  • Field proven advanced all-silicon integration increases reliability
  • Boosted transmit power, enhanced system gain and wider operation channels, combined to deliver 2Gbps performance
  • Ideal for remote locations
  • Hitless adaptive bandwidth coding and modulation, synched with out-of-the-box 8 levels QoS ensure correlated payload prioritisation.
  • 2-step capacity licensing
  • Built-in Gigabit switch with extra copper and fiber ports
  • Simplified commissioning and maintenance with zero touch installation and auto-activation from NOC, integrated spectrum analyser and TCP/UDP capacity tester
  • <80?Sec latency – extended cascading while maintaining accurate timing & synchronisation, and slashed streaming delays.
  • Multiple antenna options for easy in-field installations.

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