Siklu: EtherHaul 5500FD

Siklu: EtherHaul 5500FD

Brand: Siklu
Product Code: SI-EH-5500FD


The Siklu EtherHaul 5500FD is a 70/80GHz 5 Gigabit E-Band Radio with 5Gbps full-duplex throughput. It is ideal for fibre replacement or as an extension or backup. A combination of high performance and low latency make it perfect for the most demanding connectivity applications.

  • 5 Gigabit fibre-like performance
  • Predictable and reliable transmission in the interference-free E-band
  • Robust performance, full-duplex 5Gbps capacity achieved at only 32 QAM modulation
  • Real time connectivity with <10?Sec latency
  • Fibre-like layer 1 connectivity transparently transports any protocol
  • Integrates with Ethernet switches or MPLS routers to enable deployment in ring, mesh or any high resiliency topology
  • Wider channels, high TX power, and excellent receiver sensitivity
  • Hitless adaptive bandwidth coding and modulation ensures reliable performance under adverse weather conditions
  • Deploy dense and scalable networks anywhere, thanks to the unique combination of pencil width beams, and 3x non-overlapping, user-selectable channels
  • Simple installation
  • Two-step capacity licenses for scalable and competitive roll-outs and expansions
  • Multiple antenna options for use in a variety of distance & link availability conditions
  • 10Gbps optical interface for interconnection with any network device
  • Dual power feed: PoE+direct DC for increased redundancy
  • Field proven advanced all-silicon integration increases reliability and reduces costs

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