Vi30000 V1 NetObserver Network Health Monitoring Software

Vi30000 V1 NetObserver Network Health Monitoring Software

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• Network health monitoring software system
• Receives status communications from up to 240,000 ports
• Pinpoints specific transmission errors, reducing system trouble-
shooting and downtime
• Provides comprehensive logging and network status performance
• Provides immediate alarm conditions
• Allows monitoring through mapping and network topology
• Provides public and private email services integration
• Programmable automatic status checking of connected devices
• Built-in ping generator for testing device connection
• Runs in the background and compatible with Windows™ programs
• Communicates on SNMP, TCP, UDP, and SysLog
• Provides Discovery Protocols using Onvif and uPnP
• Unique “Look Ahead” feature to warn of pending problems before
they occur
• Upload maps and position devices with automatic alerts
• Topological mapping displays individual connection status and
device identification
• User customizable message logging and sorting
• Set up and installation of IP/PoE networks
• Monitoring of networks to spot problems and correct
before they occur
• Locate specific network problems and their causes
• Compatible with any network device that communicates
with standard network protocols.

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