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Designed specifically for security and surveillance networks, KBC’s ThruLink has been used worldwide within surveillance, transportation, counter-terror and banking to deliver secure video, voice and data over public networks such as the internet and 3G/4G. KBC Networks ThruLink standard capacity unitThe secure hardware VPN is simple to install and delivers encryption up to 256bit. With remote access and a heartbeat signal, it’s also been designed to keep maintenance to an absolute minimum.

ThruLink supports both simple, point-to-point links and meshed networks. It has no licence costs and can be used to cut out the cost of leased lines.

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  • Embedded 3G/4G versions allow secure live streaming over mobile networks
  • Ideal for secure connections to remote sites
  • Heartbeat signal – after a network outage, it automatically resets the link
  • No specialist IP expertise required


ThruLink is available in 4 sizes:

Standard  – up to 15Mbps, with optional embedded 3G/4G

Standard plus – up to 30Mbps, with optional embedded 3G/4G

High capacity – 100Mbps

High capacity plus – 200Mbps


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