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IP Video Workshop

If you couldn't make our May workshop, then don't worry, we'll be adding more dates.  If you're interested in coming along, contact us for details. Join us on 18th May for a practical workshop that will get you working with the Power Haus switch range, packed with useful tips & information about ...Read more

Watch the ThruLink Video

Designed specifically for security and surveillance networks, KBC's ThruLink has been used worldwide within surveillance, transportation, counter-terror and banking to deliver secure video, voice and data over public networks such as the internet and 3G/4G. The secure hardware VPN is simple to install and delivers encryption up to 256bit. With remote access ...Read more

Power Haus Switches now in Stock

13th February: We now stock Power Haus switches - a range of Ethernet switches that are designed specifically for IP video. Unlike switches destined for IT networks, Power Haus switches allow you to connect more cameras; deal with varying PoE demands that are typical of surveillance cameras without going to site ...Read more

Download our Guide to Migrating to IP over Legacy Copper Cabling

If you're about to replace an analogue system with IP devices, there's no need to re-cable. We stock a number of Ethernet Extenders that allow you to use legacy copper cabling whether it's coax, UTP or single pair copper. From a simple camera upgrade to a multi-unit system for video, voice and ...Read more

Welcoming in 2017 with our New ‘Extra Bytes’ Rewards Programme

Sign up for Free and Claim your First Discount We're welcoming in the New Year with a new rewards scheme called Extra Bytes. Extra Bytes is all about level discounts; you can sign up for free and earn a bonus discount that you can use right away. Spend £5k in the ...Read more

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