barox & MAKU Smart solution provides enhanced bank security

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Looking to the future of traditional bank branches, tomorrow’s banks are set not only to embrace enhanced customer convenience and safety, but also much more sophisticated, integrated security. Supporting the transition to that goal, barox Kommunikation AG, the global manufacturer of professional video switches, media converters and IP extenders, specifically designed for video applications, has partnered with leading bank security software and hardware provider, MAKU Informationstechnik GmbH.

A leading supplier of integrated security and information management solutions to the banking sector, MAKU’s bespoke integrated solution is approved by Germany’s Finanz Informatik, for compliance and regulatory use in the banking sector. This stringent data technology certification is required to permit third-party systems integration to any centralised banking IT infrastructure.

The integrated solution of MAKU’s DiVA Connect (Digital Video Archive) and proprietary Switchguard software, to barox RY-LGSP23x managed switch, handles video and data from a number of different sources, including ATMs, card readers, IP surveillance cameras, access control and audio devices. The combined data is processed and integrated via a firewall by the MAKU DiVA Connect + Switchguard, and the intelligent device acts to filter and distribute only secure video and data signals via a firewall, onto the bank’s secure servers.

Actively monitoring and protecting the video network/barox video switch ports,  the DiVA Connect + Switchguard software ensures that any interruption of network communication, e.g. to a network camera at a monitored switch port, is identified and leads to the immediate shutdown of the port.

IoT enables innovation

The barox/MAKU system’s connectivity enables new solutions and innovative services to successfully counter both familiar and new threat scenarios. As an example, a concern to the industry is customer safety at ATMs in bank foyers, and particularly at the increasing number of self-service bank branch outlets. Here, video surveillance solutions including visual alarm pre-sets or virtual patrols for monitoring the bank foyer, will play a key role in the branch of the future.

Utilizing video analytics and vital visual information, intervention measures to stop a person attempting a cyber-attack on a bank IT system can be initiated, even before a perpetrator can carry out an act. The intelligent video analytics in the IP cameras can also be used to identify people loitering in foyers, so for example, uninvited guests could be detected during daytime operations.

“Integrated with the barox RY-LGSP23x managed switch, MAKU Switchguard acts a firewall to detect and stop any unusual physical activity or data on the incoming network,” says Rudolf Rohr, barox Co-Founder & Managing Partner. “This smart solution offers financial institutions a high level of security against a variety of attacks.”

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