Vigitron, Inc. Releases NetObserver™ Network Health Monitoring Software.

Vigitron, Inc. Releases NetObserver™ Network Health Monitoring Software.
San Diego, California – August 2020
Webinars available to demonstrate the system.

Vigitron, Inc, the leading provider of Network solutions for security applications releases NetObserver™, a comprehensive network health monitoring software. Compatible with any network device with an IP address, NetObserver™ can monitor up to 240,000 port providing flexible programming, logging, communication testing using SNMP, TCP. UDP, and syslog, connection testing, alert logging, graphical and topography mapping.

Operators can configure NetObserver™ for their individual systems with customer status alert icons for their specific devices. Alert are contained in logs with the ability to customize and download searches. NetObserver™ can be operate in full screen, minimized or background modes with the latter two providing real time alerts. These modes allow NetObserver™ to operate along with any Windows™ based VMS and other Windows based programs.

Vigitron offers a NetObserver™ FreeRun demo program free of charge which can be operated without the need for a network connection and connected devices. To download NetObserver™ FreeRun and operations manual, click on the link below, complete the form and we will send you the link:

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