Migrate From Analogue to IP over Legacy Copper

migrating to IPIf you’re migrating a security system from analogue to IP, Nitek’s Etherstretch™ range allows you to upgrade over existing copper cable, whether it’s coax, UTP or single pair.

The Etherstretch series includes single links; multi-input, rack-mounted units with integrated switches, and 4 to 1 transmitters – all with the option of full or pass-through PoE power – allowing you to turn a legacy copper system into a high speed network communication and PoE path with minimal cost and disruption.

The Etherstretch range

Single Channel Kits 4 Channel Kits 8 Channel Receivers 16 Channel Receivers Single Channel
4:1  Transmitters
Upgrading over coax NI-EL1500C NI-EL4500C NI-ER8500C NI-ER16500C NI-ET1500C NI-ET4500C
Upgrading over
NI-EL1500U NI-EL4500U NI-ER8500U NI-ER16500U NI-ET1500U NI-ET4500U 
Upgrading over single pair NI-EL1551U NI-ER1651U NI-ET1551U

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The system requires very little installation time and no setup or configuration, simply connect your network devices to the network ports of the transmitter and receiver along with existing cabling and the system begins communicating. LED indicators show the status of network communication and PoE power.

An internal power supply in the receiver provides PoE to the system.

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