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  Unlike many standard IP devices, barox switches and media converters are designed for the specific requirements of IP video.

IP cameras behave differently to other IP devices. They place varying demands on the power infrastructure with heating, IR lighting and day/night settings, and they generate a time critical datastream. The barox switch range has been designed to cope with these specific requirements and to cut ongoing costs.

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Why choosing barox switches saves you time and money

Why barox switches?

Selection of Powerhaus switches

Improved Performance for IP Video Networks

The barox switch range addresses the specialist requirements of IP video networks:

  • Increased backplane capacity means this switch will support more IP cameras than many standard switches
  • 100Mbps & 1Gbps Jumbo Frame Support – fewer lost frames than standard switches
  • Enhanced device management and troubleshooting tools
  • Layer 3 functionality
  • Remotely viewable switch traffic
  • Active camera tracking and fault logging
  • Ability to import graphics files – identify device location onsite
  • Variable PoE management – no need to reset the switch
  • PoE consumption control and individual power delay mode to prevent overloads and highlight power issues


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