barox switches made for video

If you want a switch that can ping edge devices and reboot them automatically when they don’t respond, that draws an automatic topology map showing all connected IP devices and allows access by just clicking then read on. CPD certified training courses are also available:



An Ethernet Switch Range Designed for the Demands of Surveillance Networks

Key features:

  • DMS (Digital Management System).
  • Presents a topology map of the network, allowing direct access to the devices connected. Excellent diagnostic tool for engineers (shown above)
  • Active Camera Tracking.
  • Cameras get pinged and if they fail to respond PoE is taken away to reboot and report.
  • PoE consumption control. Trigger points can be set to raise flags with SNMP traps if consumption is increasing.
  • Coordinate Power Up Procedure. If the mains power fails and re-connects, it is applied port by port to avoid peak currents.
  • Jumbo Frames also at 100Mbits not only at 1000Mbits, since most cameras establish a 100Mbits link. No frames get lost.
  • Large Backbone capacity from 1U switch and DIN Rail switch. Example 48 port PoE switch has 176Gbits/s backplane and an 8 port PoE has 20Gbits/s. 10Gb SFP units available also.
  • Cisco Discovery Protocol built in.
  • -40°c to +75°c Industrially rated available
  • 28 series – ability to block cameras trying to “phone home” with built in firewall.

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