End Of Life (EoL) announcement for CO-MML-342-LV/CO-MML-342-LV-Kit

End Of Life (EoL) Announcement

Announcing the end of the life of the Compex Wireless product(s) CO-MML-342-LV and CO-MML-342-LV-KIT
This announcement applies immediately and as an alternative, customers should consider and evaluate the Comnet wireless series as a replacement. This is a series with more features and benefits. Please find the link to a comparable Comnet unit below:

ComNet: NetWave® NWK2, Wireless Ethernet Kit, 95Mbps, 19dBi

Warranty and technical support for the CO-MML-342-LV and CO-MML-342-LV-KIT will continue as per our standard warranty conditions.


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