KBC Launches New, Flexible WES3 Wireless Ethernet Series

7th April 2016: KBC Networks has launched the first in its new 3 series wireless Ethernet products. WES3 operates in the licence-free 5GHz band and is a single unit device that can be programmed as either a client, a single-point host or a multipoint host. It can be used in PoE (IEEE802.3af) or non-PoE applications.

WES3 Wireless Ethernet units with patch antennas

KBC’s WES3 Wireless Ethernet units with 17dBi Patch Antennas

WES3 replaces KBC’s II generation wireless products. It comes in a new, compact format and with enhanced, user-selectable firmware. The new firmware means that with one common unit, installers are now able to select the device configuration, as either client/station or host/AP mode for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links. The aim is to make system installation easier and more flexible, and to reduce stock-holding and cost. You can now build a simple point-to-point wireless bridge, a more complex point-to-multipoint wireless network or mixed configurations, all with one common unit.

The first in the new 3 series products provides throughput of up to 99Mbps (198Mbps aggreagate) in the licence-free 5GHz band. For high throughput applications, KBC’s popular HT range delivers 230Mpbs+ throughput (400Mbps aggregate). All of the KBC wireless ranges are fully compatible and all come with free design assistance and technical support.

We provide a free setup service with all KBC wireless products. If you would like us to, we can pre-programme the units before we ship them to make sure they are set up with the correct configuration AND we can pair units so that they connect to each other automatically.

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