Siklu: EtherHaul 600 Series

The Siklu EtherHaul 600TX 60GHz V-Band radio provides affordable street-level connectivity delivering interference-free Gigabit throughput. Predictable and reliable services on the un-congested and interference-free V-band Deploy dense and scalable networks anywhere Wide 60GHz band, pencil width beams & 11x non-overlapping, user-selectable channels Optimise channel selection by taking advantage of the non-linear high attenuation of ...Read more

Siklu: EtherHaul 5500FD

The Siklu EtherHaul 5500FD is a 70/80GHz 5 Gigabit E-Band Radio with 5Gbps full-duplex throughput. It is ideal for fibre replacement or as an extension or backup. A combination of high performance and low latency make it perfect for the most demanding connectivity applications. 5 Gigabit fibre-like performance Predictable and reliable transmission in the interference-free ...Read more

Siklu: EtherHaul 500TX

The Siklu EtherHaul 500TX 60GHz V-Band radio provides affordable street-level connectivity delivering interference-free throughput at up to 200Mbps. It is ideal for upgrading 5GHz networks. Up to 200Mbps throughput Interference-free 60GHz band - dense deployment & fast frequency planning Palm-sized one box solution easy site acquisition & installation on street furniture 11 non-overlapping, user-selectable channels ...Read more

Siklu: EtherHaul 2500FX

  The Siklu EH-2500FX 70/80GHz High-Range E-Band radio provides 2Gbps capacity with extended reach for accelerating broadband connections even in rural locations. It is designed for tower and roof-top deployment. The expanded reach E-Band radio creates fibre-like wireless solutions with fewer units, lower energy, and lower associated fees. 2 Gigabit full-duplex, FDD ...Read more

Siklu: EtherHaul 1200 Series

The EtherHaul 1200 E-Band radio delivers interference free, predictable Gigabit  wireless throughput over 70/80GHz. The unit includes a unique selection of both FDD and TDD duplexing, and multiple antenna options to cover any distance/availability scenario. Deploy dense and scalable networks anywhere. The wide 70/80GHz band, pencil width beams and 32x non-overlapping, user-selectable channels yield the ...Read more

Siklu: EtherHaul 2200FX

The EtherHaul 2200FX E-Band radio delivers 2Gbps full-duplex wireless throughput over 70/80GHz. It is designed for rooftop deployment. 70/80GHz Advanced E-Band Radio 2 Gigabit full-duplex throughput, FDD Interference-free band facilitates fast frequency planning with carrier-grade performance All-silicon integration increases reliability & reduces CAPEX. Hitless adaptive bandwidth coding & modulation, synched with user-configurable 8 levels H-QoS, ...Read more

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